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Green Mix Is A Cold recycling of Asphalt.

General description:

Green Mix Is A Cold recycling of Asphalt.



  • Excellent adhesion for aggregate: it ensures a perfectly solid bond between aggregates and bitumen;
  • Excellent bitumen regenerator: it allows to employ higher quantities of aggregates (up to 50%).
  • Excellent antioxidant.



Green Mix liquid has to be added in a measure from 0, 7% up to 1 % of the weight of the quantity of bitumen to be activated. Mix GreenMix directly into the bitumen storage system.


Application method:

  • Adding GreenMix at the same time of the discharge of the bitumen into the cistern paying attention to the coincidence of the discharge times of the bitumen itself and of the additive.
  • In the plants equipped with several bitumen stocking cisterns, through repeated passages of the additivated bitumen from a stocking cistern to another one (unless the passage from a cistern to another one is "drop type", gravity force).
  • Adding it directly into the plant mixer (in this case extending the mixing time for some seconds).


  • GreenMix keep itself stable at bitumen stocking temperatures (max 160° C) and extended heating times.
  • SPECIFIC WEIGHT AT 20° 0,90 ± 0,08 kg/It



Stock into original containers and keep in dry and sheltered places.



Avoid skin and eye contact. In case of contact use plenty of water and seek medical advice. Appropriate means of self-protection must be used. Non toxic. It must not be disposed to surface and still water.



Pail 2 00 It.

Drums 1 OOO It.