Thermoplastic Paints for Roads


Thermatex is a hot-applied road marking material composed of a mixture of thermoplastic resins, polymers, plasticizers (binder) and selected fillers, pigments and glass beads.


Thermatex is formulated for tropical climactic conditions. It resists deformation by traffic in hot weather and staining by dirt and oils.


Thermatex is formulated to conform to the technical requirements of BS 3262-1:1989 and AASTHO M-249, in the categories below.


 Thermatex is suitable for application by screed and extrusion. Grades suitable for spray application and other climactic conditions and performance are available upon request.


The recommended minimum dosage of glass beads is 500 g/m2.


Thermatex is available in white, yellow and red. Other colors can be manufactured upon request.