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Asphalt Plug Bridge Joint

General description:

Bituflex-J is a hot poured  polymer  modified  bitumen plug type bridge Joint .
Bituflex-J is a special grade sealant for application in hot is superior blend of bitumen, polymer and mineral fillers to produce a smooth, tough compound with improved elastomeric performance for easy and rapid application. The problems of 'tyre pick-up' are eliminated because of its product resistance to deformation at road temperatures reaching 90°C.

Bituflex-J offers good extension over a range of service temperatures (air) approximately 0 °C to +50 °C with a high resistance to flow, excellent pourability at temperatures well below the maximum safe heating temperature.


Bituflex-J is a hot process in place expansion joint system capable of accommodating movements up to 70 mm (±35mm). It forms an integral part of the wearing course.

Application method:

The sealing recess prior to application of Bituflex-J must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for  new works or in the case of remedial works; asphalt surfacing is removed to recommended width by saw cutting and jack hammering. The asphalt must be removed completely to expose the deck. All traces of waterproofing membrane must be removed. Failure to do so will form a bond break.
Where previously mechanical joints have been used, all fixing bolts must be trimmed. The recess and the expansion joint is prepared using a hot compressed air lance thereby ensuring that the surface is free from contaminants and it is ready to receive the Bituflex-J binder.


Ensure that the expansion joint is sealed with good quality cross-linked polyethylene foam. The recess is tanked with hot Bituflex-J binder that has been heated in an approved pre-heater to its application temperature in accordance with the company's instructions. Aluminum strip or steel plate is placed over the expansion joint. Aggregates is pre-heated to 150°C to 190°C and placed into the joint to a maximum depth of 40 mm. but not  less than  20 mm. The layer is then floated with the correctly heated binder and the process is repeated until the joint is within  25 mm. of the surface.
For final 25 mm. layer apply pre-mix layer and compact using a compactor or vibrating roller. Seal surface using Bituflex-J binder.

Movement Accommodation Table:






•Colour: Black
•Pouring temperature: 190 to 220 °C

•Safe heating temperature: 220 °C
•Flash point: 230 °C

•Density: 1.25 ±0.05
•Elongation more than 1000 %

•Maximum safe heating period:  6 hours
•Service temperature limits (air): 0 °C to +50 °C

•Softening Point Greater than 90 °C
•Cone Penetration @25 °C 10 to 40 dmm



•Remove Bituflex-J  from tools and equipment with heat.

•Clean hands with waterless hand cleaner.



Keep in dry store under cover .

Cartoon boxes from 15 /20 kgs.