SHOPRIMER WB is a low viscosity ,water -based primer formulation,  which dries to form high quality bituminous film.



SHOPRIMER WB- is a low viscosity ,water -based primer formulation,  which dries to form high quality bituminous film.



SHOPRIMER WB is design to used:

- As a primer under waterproofing membranes.

- As a curing compound for different types of surfaces.

- As water tank and pipe line protection material.

- As damp proof vapour barrier.



- Cold applied.

- Drying time is very rapid.

- Excellent adhesion to most common building substances.

- Resistant to chloride salt attacks which are included in water .

- Non toxic, Non-flammable, and not able to be flammed under normal coditions.

- Can be applied to damp proof concrete substrate.



SHOPRIMER WB is manufactured according to ASTMD1227.



Appearance                 : Brown/Black

Specific gravity            : 1.01 ± 0.02 Kg/L. 

Solid content %          : 40%. 

Final Draying time      : 2 hrs on 25 Co   

Covreage rate              : 3 m2 per each coat depending on surface without dilution.


*Drying time will depend on temperature, air movement and substrate. 



18  Kg Steel pails.

200Kg Steel drums.


5 - 10 % additional clean water.



SHOPRIMER WB should be well stirred before use.



Surface to be treated must be sound, clean and free of oil or grease. Any oil or grease contamination may be removed with chemical degreaser.



SHOPRIMER WB may be applied by brush, roller or spray.It is recommended that one or two coats should be applied, depending on degree of protection required.



SHOPRIMER WB may be removed from tools and equipment with white spirit.


Shelf life at least 12 months under temprature 5-60 Co in original unopened areas away from direct sources of heat or naked flame.



- Wear protective cloths, gloves, glasses and face protection.

- For skin contact, remove it with suitable cream and followed by soap and 

  water cleaning.

- For more details, require safety data sheet for the product.



The provided technical information is given to the best of our knowledge and is based on extensive testing. As the information herein is of general nature, this given information will not expressed or implied as a warrantee involving any act of liability in case of misapplication. A trial should be implemented to ensure that this product confirms to the required conditions for usage.